Merge excel data into pdf form

how can I merge data from an excel spreadsheet into a pdf fill in form in Adobe Pro?

Jennifer McCloud

3 Answers

The most straightforward way would be exporting the Excel data as tab-delimited file, and then import that as a Data Object, interpret it and fill the according values into your form.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Max Wyss   

Do you mean a "mail merge"-type operation (creating a new PDF for each row in the spreadsheet), or just importing a single set of values from Excel into a PDF?


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Gilad D (try67)   

There is a great suggestion in this discussion titled Can I import data from an Excel spreadsheet to a fillable PDF Form?

It explains how you can import data from Excel into a PDF form, which requires that you set a few things up in Excel.

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Lori Kassuba   

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