Can I import data from an Excel spreadsheet to a fillable PDF Form?

Can I import data from an Excel spreadsheet to a fillable PDF Form?
1) Create several different fillable PDF forms from a medical credentialing applications
2) Fill it with information collected in an excel spread sheet

To save from all of the manual time consuming entries

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Yes, but you there are two things you need to do in Excel for this to work:

The columns need to be named the same way as the field names in the PDF form.
You can either match the names that you are using in your PDF form, or you need to modify the field names in the PDF form so that they match the column names in Excel.
In this sample, I took the first approach and used the field names as my column headers:

When you export your data file from Excel, you need to select the "Tab Delimited Text" format. This is one of the export options in Excel (and other spread sheet applications) that is available after you select File>Save As:

Once you have your Tab Delimited Text file, open your PDF form, and select Tools>Forms>More Form Options and click on Import:

On the file dialog, select to import a text file, browse to your exported text file and select it. On the next screen you can then pick which record to import, you can only import one record at a time:

This will fill the PDF form with the selected values:

You do this for every record you have in your Excel file and save the PDF file to a new name.

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By Karl Heinz Kremer   

Bonjour et merci pour votre réponse,

Cependant, ce que je veux faire est exactement l’inverse, c'est-à-direrécupérer dans des colonnes Excel les champs de mon formulaire PDF.

Cela m’aiderait beaucoup si vous aviez une solutions

Très cordiales salutations

Hello and thank you for your answer,However, what I want to do is exactly the opposite , that is to say, recover Excel columns in the fields of my PDF form.This would help me a lot if you had a solutionsVery cordial greetings


Roger PICARD   

hi , this answer was very helpful . i have a question. What if i want all entries filled at one. like dont want to import data one by one for each record. my doucment has like 200 -300 entries.

Waqas Ahmad   

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