How to change Login Name?

I'm using Adobe Reader 7.0 and when I try to change the Login Name (Edit / Preferences / Identity / Login Name), I can't because it's greyed out. Is there a way to change this? It's annoying because every comment comes up with a now out of date Login Name.

I would appreciate any help,


Jill Flohil

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Scroll up or down your category list.

Also check the Help documents for your application.

The Login Name is a system variable and it is the user name that the user logged on to the system under. Changing this value dynamically would require a logoff by the user and a login under another name available to the system. This could also change many of the user's rights to access applications, drives, and other system resources. You can only change the user's name which can then be used for commenting.

By George Kaiser   

This is a system parameter that records the log-in name of the person logging on to the computer using the security system of the computer. Consider the havoc that could occur if one changes this on the fly without respecting the systems security. All you trusted network connections would be invalid.

To change the author name of comments:

1. Open the application preferences, "File => Preferences".
2. Select "Commenting" category.
3. Remove check mark next to "Always us log-in name for Author".
4. Create a comment.
5. Right mouse click and select "Properties" option.
6. On "General" tab change "Author" as needed.
7.Click "Ok" to apply the change.
8. Right mouse click on modified comment.
9. Select "Make current properties default".

Commenting Preferences
Change the look of your comments

The above are for Acrobat X, but it is the same in Acrobat 7 and you should be able to find similar topics in Help for your version.

George Kaiser   

Hello George,

Unfortunately, this didn't work. First, the Preferences are under the Edit menu in my version (not the File menu), but more importantly, there is no "Commenting" category in the Preferences dialogue box. I've searched in all of the categories that are there, from 3D to Identity to Startup to Updates and cannot find anything that I can uncheck that seems even similar to "Always use log-in name for Author".

I have looked through the Help files and I'm still coming up empty.

If you have any other thoughts, I'd love to hear them.



Jill Flohil   

In Acrobat 9;

In Acrobat 9;

George Kaiser   

I see what you mean, but that just isn't there in my Adobe Reader 7.0. The Categories start at 3D and end at Updates. That top section, shown in the image above, isn't showing in my version. Is there a way to turn that on?

Jill Flohil   

Jon Wilbur Tan   

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