Format Radio Buttons as Yes/No

I am putting radio buttons in a form, I want the user to be able to choose either yes or no in a column but not both? How do I format the buttons in two columns to accept only one choice?

Debbie Scherck

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By default, Acrobat assumes that when you add radio button fields, that they'll be mutually exclusive within a group. So both buttons should be in the same group with different button values.

By Lori Kassuba   

Just for completeness sake, if "no answer" is legitimate and legal, it is better to use check boxes instead of radio buttons. Check box fields with the same name but different return value behave exactly like radio buttons (they represent mutually exclusive items). But they allow the user to uncheck, so that nothing is selected; with radio buttons, this is not possible after the user has made a selection, unless you provide the means to do so (see also clearing marked radio buttons in new form ).

Making the check boxes look like radio buttons is kind of possible; in the Options tab of the field properties set the check box style to "Circle" or "Square".

Max Wyss   

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