clearing marked radio buttons in new form

I have built my form using radio buttons for yes/no responses. In order to make sure it was working the way I wanted it to, I selected yes or no in a few of the fields. I now want to clear my answers in the form, so that it can be sent out for others to respond to. Any ideas what I have left out or if this can be done?

Debbie Scherck

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You do not mention what version of Acrobat you are using. If you go to edit the form there should be a choice to Clear the form.

By Michael Kazlow   

Radio buttons actually mean that either one of the values is to be selected. The "unselected" state is actually not really a "legal" state for radio buttons. However, you can reset the radio buttons just as any other fields if you have not set one of its states to be the default.

The value of the "unchecked" state is always "Off". So, using JavaScript, you set the value of the radio button field to "Off", and it will clear the selection, such as in

this.getField("myRadioButton").value = "Off" ;

or by simply resetting, such as in

this.resetForm(["myRadioButton"]) ;

In new forms (because nowadays, changing the field type is a big bother (you delete the field and add a new one of the new type, and then try to fix the tab order), you can make things easier for the user by using checkboxes. If you create a set of checkboxes, with the same name but different return value, you have mutually exclusive settings, but the user can simply uncheck a checked box. If you set the values via JavaScript, you will do it the same way as described above.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Max Wyss   

This quick tip tutorial on how to Add a Reset Button to a Form should help you with this.

Lori Kassuba   

1) Add a new radio button with the same group name as the button you want to uncheck.

2) Select the new button. Thhis should uncheck the original button.

3) Delete the radio button you just added.

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