Bad quality in signature inserted through Adobe Reader DC

Hi, i have a template of a document that i need to sign and send every now and then so i decided to leave the old print-sign-scan technic and go to the electronic signature using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, it works but when i add an image of my signature the image added look awful, it seems like it was transformed to jpg with a lot of artifacs.

My original image is a 32 bits png from an scanned signature i did in white paper, and then using photoshop c6 i replaced the white background with transparency, this image looks great by its own, why is adobe getting so low quality when added to a pdf?

I have made this but the problem persist:

The same happens in the ios mobile app. Thanks in advance!

gerardo garcia

1 Answer

I would have used a Jpeg or Tiff for the image. Raster graphics can cause conversion issues.

George Kaiser   

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