Is there a fix for jagged poor font quality and bad image resolution

I had this problem a few years back and an adobr expert fixed it. I can't remember what they did. the problem has come back - My documents have bad tyoe resolution"jagged" appearing letters. colours on some test is wrong or missing, and imbedded images are poor quality and bad colour.

I have cleaned the font cache (someone suggested this because of clashes), uninstalle the entire Acrobat X Pro. Downlaoded the free acrobat viewer - same problem!. Uninstalled the veiwer and reinsstalled Acrobat X Pro. Nothiing has worked. :-( Any help Please? (running Windows 7)

The files are actually fine, I emailed to my wofe and they appear perfect on her computer (withh Acrobat Reader). The problem is in settings on my Acrobat/computer.

Harold Hoff

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Something to try:
Open Acrobat's Preferences. Select the "Page Display" category.
Look over the center portion (Rendering) at the right.
Play with --
Perhaps a change to what is selected for 'Smooth line art'.
Perhaps one of the other settings.
Be well...

By David Austin   

David Austin's solution worked for me. Why the heck is that not the normal setting with this new app. I am not very impress with this DC version at all.

Michael Schore   

Worked for me. Thank you

Lesley Prince   

David Austin's answer helped a lot, thanks. For me, the problem was that something turned off the Smooth Text option in the Rendering section. Once I chose Monitor or Laptop/LCD, the text was easily readable again. Thanks, David!

Lincoln Fiske   

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