why won't my pdf file print

I downloaded pdf files.
When I try to print, it says the document cannot be printed.
Then it says "There were no pages selected to print".
I have the newest adobe reader (which i re-downloaded)
I have Firefox 13.0.1
I am running Windows XP.
I downloaded the file from the Office of Indigent Defense Services State of Alabama.

They said they thought I had an outdated version of Adobe reader. which I don't.

John Adams [personal information removed - mod]
P.S. I can't print these files with CutePdf either.

John Adams

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That's strange. I took a look at a few of the forms, and they were not a problem to print or had printing disabled or anything obvious. Since you appear to have the latest version of everything, I'm inclined to think that might actually be the problem! Are you, by chance, opening the PDFs via the Firefox plug-in? If so, try this: download the PDF and save it to your desktop. Then, right+click, and open the file directly with Reader X. Type something in a couple fields, then attempt to print and see if you have any luck.

With the super-frequent updates common with Firefox, I know there are similarly-frequent issues with plug-in compatibility, and I'm wondering if this might be one of those situations.

Hope that helps!

Jason Covey
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Jason Covey   


I'm not having any of the problem you describe from that site, either. I'm on a Mac, but running Firefox 14 beta 7 and Acrobat Pro X and version 10.1.3 of Adobe Reader. I can fill out the forms and print them just fine.

I would check the settings in the Print dialog box and make sure that you're either selecting all pages to print or a range of pages (you might change range to 1-2 or something like that and see if you can print).

Note that there is a problem with Firefox and the Adobe Acrobat NPAPI Plug-in 10.1.3. But I don't think that's your problem...



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why won't my pdf file print?
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Thank you. You are right. Apparently most users of that site do not have this problem. The site's suggestion was to be sure I was up to date with the adobe reader software. I am.
The default is to print "All" Does not work.
I changed it to print "current" page (there is only one). That didn't work.
I "seleced" the print. That didn't work. I must have some setting somewhere that conflicts either with Firefox or Adobe. The site tells me many users use Firefox and Adobe in an XP environment.
Stumped for the moment, but thanks.
This is the first time I have tried to print from that site. It's only billing:(
John Q. Adams, Esq.

Be well...

David Austin   

David Austin   

I am having the same issue!

Grant Elrod   

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