why does it take so long to print the pdf & what can be done

I'm using Acrobat Pro 10.1.4 for Mac. I fed a document into the feeder and scanned to a file folder. I opened the pdf and selected "Recognize Text", and then saved the pdf. I did this, I thought, in order to print the document without it appearing like an old negative of a picture - where light objects appear dark and dark appears light. It takes forever to print even one page. I need to find a good and fast workflow right away.

Steven Hubert

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The PDF's "page content" is the image created by the scanner and provided to Acrobat for the PDF creation. OCR (Searchable Image or Searchable Image (Exact)) provides a 'layer' of text characters that are the characters recognized by OCR from the image of the text.
When you print the PDF you are printing PDF 'page content' -- not the OCR.
So, what goes to paper is whatever the image is. The hardcopy will, of course, reflect the quality of the image.
To obtain a better quality image for Acrobat to process into the PDF you must perform the desired configuration back in the scanner software.
Provided you start with a reasonable quality image you could use Acrobat's ClearScan.
Recognized characters are given an internal Acrobat font and replace the character seen in the image. This ClearScan output can be printed to paper.
For textual content configure the scanner software for Black and White and 300 ppi.
Be well...

David Austin   

Hi Steven,
Have you tried to print through Preview.app?
On my Mac, Acrobat is sending the print job to the printer as PostScript, which takes ages to print for more complex pages (like a scan) and Preview.app just dumps the same job as a PDF, which gives a very noticeable speed increase on printing…
Hope this helps.

Leonel Coelho   

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