why do i get an adobe flash player settings box pop up everytime i try to play a game on facebook? It says "hog0-a

Trying to find out why i get this message when i try to play a game on facebook...it says "Adobe flash Player Settings" it's a box that pops up,,it also says... Local Storage "hog0-a.akamaihd.net" is requesting permission to store information on your computer.
Requested up to 10kb
Currently used 0kb
at the bottom of this box it has two options to click on and chose..which are...
allow and deny
when i click on either option,,it does nothing,,it takes several attempts to clear this box off my page and even then it sometimes will not clear. please help..so tired of this mess!!


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Good day Rhonda,

You've asked a Flash Player question in the Acrobat Answers forum You'll want to ask over in Adobe's Flash Player user-2-user forum: http://forums.adobe.com/community/fla...

Be well...

David Austin   

Hi, this might not be the best place for that question on the forums as its acrobat based but my only advise is have you got the latest flash player installed on your computer as that could cause a problem. You can go to the www.adobe.com website to download latest version.

Hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   

FLASH apps can store game scores on your computer.
It is up to you to trust the site you are playing on. If you are on a malware site, you will get malware.

Be sure you DL FLASH from the Adobe site. It auto updates now, since a version several versions ago. If you are not sure which FLASH version you have, then DL the latest one.
Never just click a link that says you need to update FLASH. That is a good way for a hacked site to install malware on your computer.

Good luck!



Jon Miner   

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