why does adobe convert my files from portrait to landscape?

When I convert my MS Publisher file to a pdf, ADOBE coverts the document page set up from Portrait to Landscape. I save it on my USB to take to the printer the document is in Landscape with missing information and it continues to do this.

Pearl Ramsey

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OMG! Had the same problem but was LUCKY to find a quick fix:
1. Save As [insert name of file] PDF in dropdown menu
2. Click on "Options" button (located below the file name) Mine says Optimized for: ...OPTIONS
3. Click on "Custom" instead of high-quality printing
4. Click on "Print Options" button at the far bottom
5. Look for Orientation. Pick the one you want.
6. Click on "Okay" button
7. Click on "Okay" button (in the following screen)
8. Click on "Save"

I am using Windows 7 operating system and have the annual Adobe Acrobat subscription, which gives me the latest in pdf capabilities. I say all that just as fyi. IMO none of that should matter when saving from Publisher to PDF. Hope this helps.

By marshall monte   

It could be based on how your document is set up in Publisher, however, if you open up Acrobat Distiller and go to Edit Settings you can set up your Publisher Documents the way you would like them to be. As Distiller is the program that controls the PDF creation process and so it is there that you need to make adjustments to it. such as making sure it converts to Protrait properly.

Michael Anderson   

Thank you so much for your assistance. At least I have an answer, I still however don't know how to access the distiller server. Is it a program that I have to purchase? I am looking through the community forum and am finding information about the distiller server 8 but, not how to access it. My documents are still converting to landscape from MS Publisher even though they are created in the Portrait setting.

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Pearl Ramsey   

I don't know much about Distiller Server, but I am thinking its the same thing and the answer is no, Distiller that I am aware of comes with Acrobat Pro and so when you install the software it will installer Distiller as well. As for its location, hit the Start Window (Windows), then click on All Programs and it usually sits up top in that.

Another thing you can do is do a search for the program and then create a short cut to it on your desktop.

Michael Anderson   

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