why am I getting an xmp metadata error?

I'm using Acrobat X Pro and MS Office 2007. I successfully create and verify a PDF/A 1a file from Word. But after taking it off of PDF/A mode, if I make ANY change to the document (sticky note, text box, insert text, rectangle, etc.) the verification fails. I receive an xmp metadata error and usually a font error. What's going on?

Stefán Féliz Kent

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Can you tell us more about the exact errors, especially the metadata and font error one in order to provide you with a more solid answer.

Michael Anderson   

"Expected behavior" for PDF/A-1a / -1b. Changes to PDF that are valid PDF/A-1a / -1b result in a loss of PDF/A compliance. All is explained in ISO 19005-1. There is a little more 'elbow room' with PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3. However, the underlying PDF/A requirement of once compliant, don't change it still applies. After all, the purpose is to have and hold that archival PDF.
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David Austin   

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