why can't I search on adobe reader x

I can't seem to search on Adobe Reader X. When I go to the Edit menu and pick find or advance search it pops up but when I type in what I am looking for it doesn't find anything. I am using words that I planly see on the document such as "The" but it keeps stating it finds nothing that matches. PLEASE help. Thank you!

Holly Squires

1 Answer

Does this happen with any document, or only one specific one?

What happens when you switch to the Select tool (you may have to activate it in the menu View --> Show/Hide --> Toolbar Items --> Select & Zoom --> Select Tool ). Does the cursor change to the I-beam when you move it over text?

If the cursor remains the Arrow, your document does not consist of text, and can therefore not be searched; you would have to process it with an OCR function.

If the cursor changes to the I-beam, select some words, copy them to the clipboard, and paste them into a text editor of some kind. Compare the result with the text in the document. If you see ghibberisch, the document uses custom-encoded fonts, and you won't be able to search in it.

Finally also check the security settings: there may also be things restricting the search function.

Max Wyss   

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