where is the Edit Object command?

Using Adobe X, I'm trying to insert a jpeg image. One forum says this:

How to insert image into a PDF document.Applies to: Acrobate Pro X

1. Open PDF file
2. Tools (on the top right side)
3. Content
4. Edit Object
5. Right click anywhere in your document > Place Image...How easy =]

The only problem is that I can't find an Edit Object command.
Someone else suggests that you "exit "Edit Form" mode, and then the toolbar options described above are available. The tool is context sensitive."

Even after doing this I still do not have the Edit Object command.

April Morgan

3 Answers

Are you certain you have Acrobat Pro, as opposed to Acrobat Standard?

Gilad D (try67)   

Well, it seems I have Standard. Gosh...sure wish I'd known that I couldn't place images unless I upgraded to Pro. Regardless, I found another solution that works well.

Really though? Standard vs Pro for image placement?

Thanks for your reply.

April Morgan   

I'm having a hard time trying to edit a doc. I've followed the directions from above, but can't seem to be able to type. I need help.


Jamie Blake   

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