when printing to pdf language is wrong

when I try to create a pdf from an internet page the language is all wrong when the adobe document has been formed.
How do I troubleshoot and change this?

Graham Farquhar

2 Answers

Is this problem specific to a single web site? Acrobat does not perform language translation. Perhaps the web page itself is serving up the wrong language for printing?

I suggest trying a different web site and compare the results.


Michael Hoffman   

See this link: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19728-01/820-2550/printing_pdffonts.html

In general:

As PDF printing relies on a combination of Windows printer drivers (when printing from Windows applications), postscript distiller and a PDF viewer to deliver its output.

In other words, you should check

  1. operating system drivers;
  2. PDF printer;
  3. PDF viewer;

and provide info on each of them.

Anyway, I would start from this:

Ricardo Falegnami   

Please specify a reason: