what is the difference between a print pdf and a ePDF

I need to make a ePDF file and need to know how, and what is the difference between an ePDF and a print PDF.

jim Shubin

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A "print PDF" might be considered to be any PDF that gets printed to hardcopy.
An "ePDF" would be one of those nifty "interactive" PDFs.
Bookmarks, links within the PDF, links to other PDFs, show/hide fields, form fields, comment and markup annotations, and rich media (to mention a few).

Now if you create a PDF via a File - Print and use the Adobe PDF virtual PDF you would have to add the neat stuff with Acrobat.
Nothing there upfront. Such a PDF is often refered to as a "print PDF".

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David Austin   

There is a tool named the "ePDF converter", but as far as I know there is no "ePDF" file extension. The ePDF converter creats regular PDF files. Unless you're an expert and need to get into the guts, all PDFs are pretty much the same.

Thom Parker
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