what is a bad /BBox ??

info popup displays a message like these:
The font '[square]' contains a bad /BBox.
The font 'AVTreeNodeSimpleCustomDataKeyName' contains a bad /BBox.
does anyone, based on actual knowledge or experience, know the cause? or the remedy?

Reid Bogert

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A font is a very complex data structure that contains many different pieces of information. One of these pieces is the "bounding box", which is the smallest rectangle around a glyph (which is the "picture of a character" that gets placed on the page). There is a bounding box for every glyph in the font.

Somehow your font is corrupt, and there is incorrect data in one or more of these bounding boxes (or /BBox) data structures. There is not much you can do about that, the application that created this PDF file caused this corruption. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can try to unnamed the font in question and (as long as you have access to this font on your computer) embed it again.

Other than that, complain to the author of the document. They were using a bad tool to create this PDF file.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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