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I am creating a license template. 2 of the fields need to have superscript. I need to display 1st and 30th with the "st" and "th" being superscript. Can I do this? If so, how. I tried setting the field to allow rich text formatting... but couldn't make it work.

Susan Long

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There are some fonts which do have those superscripts built in. You may have to see how you can access those characters (most likely via their Unicode ID).

If this is not the case, you will have to use the richText property of the field. There is a good code sample in the Acrobat JavaScript documentation (part of the Acrobat SDK, downloadable from the Adobe website), if you look for the Span Object, and go to the superscript property.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

By Max Wyss   

Few more details... I am pc based, using Acrobat 9 Pro, but I have NOT taken the form into LiveCycle Designer (it's pretty simple).

Susan Long   

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