unable to view online pdf

I have verified i have the latest version of acrobat. when i open a pdf file online i get a blank page. pdf files that i have previously saved open without a problem. I have windows vista and use internet explorer browser. help

N pacheco

5 Answers

The latest version of Acrobat is not compatible with Windows Vista.

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Gilad D (try67)   

What version of ie are you using? And what version of acrobat are you using please? Is it acrobat xi ? When you say it's up to date, has it got the latest dot release installed for that version?

Sean Mitchell   

using IE 9 and AR X. Have checked and installed all updates

N pacheco   

Acrobat X should work but as Gilad says Acrobat XI is not supported.

First thing to try is if you have any other versions to deleat them. Below was extracted from the Acrobat user manual.

Note: Having multiple versions of Acrobat or Adobe Reader installed on the same computer can prevent you from viewing PDFs in a web browser. Examples include Acrobat 8 with Adobe Reader 9, or Acrobat 7 with Reader 8, and so on. Try deselecting the Display PDF In Browser option in Internet Preferences in one program, and selecting the option in the other program.

Hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   

I can view many online PDF files...

Except ones generated by javascript on my banking site. There I get a blank page.

Windows XP Pro sp3
Browsers IE 8 or Firefox 17 or 18
Adobe PDF reader 10.1.4 or 10.1.5

I don't know where they are having the problem, but Google Chrome works just fine.

Verne Adams   

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