trying to extract pages, and i get an error message: "there was a problem reading this document (15)". what does t

Trying to extract a page in my PDF and I get an error message:
"There was a problem reading this document (15)".
What does that mean? It prohibits me from extracting any pages! Thank you.

Melinda Kay

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It means that your document is messed up beyond repair.

If you made it, make it again, and check the procedure how it is made.

If you downloaded it from some place, download again, and see if it works now. If not, contact the owner of the document and let them know.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

By Max Wyss   

I had the same problem. It was 't a perfect solution but it worked. I opened the document in Preview (I use a Mac), clicked on the first page that I wanted to extract in the sidebar, scrolled to the last page that I wanted to extract, hit Shift-click on that last page (which highlights all of the pages in between, went to Edit/Copy, then went to File/New from Clipboard and saved the highlighted pages. Not elegant, but a work-around for this stupid error in Adobe Acrobat XI "Pro."

Moto Man   

I also received this error message and here's the way around that:

Instead of extracting and / or copy-paste, it's easier to delete the pages you don't want.

Example: If you are trying to divide a large PDF into two smarller ones then save two versions of the original document and delete the pages you don't want in each version. Problem solved.

Grady Box   


Create a new PDF file, for instance by saving a word document as a PDF file.

Open both files in Adobe Acrobat and display the thumbnail view. Drag the thumbnails from the problematic document into the thumbnail section of the newly created PDF file (originally Word document) and you should be able to manipulate all pages as per normal in this new PDF file.

Mirko Sangers   

I finally was able to use Preview on my Mac to extract the pages, notwithstanding the error message in Adobe Acrobat. Problem solved!

Moto Man   

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