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Created a form in Adobe Pro X and added three signature blocks at end. When I open this document in Adobe pro signature works. When I open in adobe acrobat the signature does not work.

David Allen

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Digital Certificate Signatures are not part of the Reader XI gi'mes. They still require Rights. Which means, that in order to use the digital signature field in any version of Reader, you must apply the full set of form filling, saving, and signing Rights (Reader Extensions)

Thom Parker
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By Thom Parker   

Adobe Acrobat Professional and Adobe Acrobat Standard should both work in the same manner for filling in a form.

Acrobat Reader does not always work the same as Acrobat due to the limited functionality of Reader. Many features that are available to Acrobat are disabled or only available when a given PDF has special Extended Reader Rights applied to the individual PDF. Some features can be enabled through Acrobat Professional, others require a LiveCycle server.

Adobe Reader XI should be able to process a signature field without any special rights.

George Kaiser   

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