signature Plugin softwares for PDF.

We have people, who work in field and are isolated to the internet.

They have to gather info and Sign the PDF document.(developed using LC designer ES in XDP and converted to PDF)

The PDF should capture the signature as image and must store in the Field ( form will be designed with all required fields using LiveCycle Designer)

we will eamil the signed pdf as an attachement to our exchange server.

Can you all help me to list the all available Software Plugins that go as per my requirement with ADOBE X.

we are having problem with CIC Sign It.We are looking at other alternatives in the mean time.
We dont use the SIGN servers/online authentication.
Just sign - capture - embedd to eDoc - transmitt as email.

your inputs and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Padmapraveen vasili

1 Answer

The document that is created in Designer can be saved as XDP or can also be saved as PDF.

Add a visible signature field in LC Designer so that the signature becomes visible

Are you using PKI signing credentials or would want to use an image as a signature.

AFAIK CIC signatures are supported by Reader so it should work fine, what exactly is the issue that you are facing with CIC plug-ins?

N Santosh Kumar   

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