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I have an Epson Artisan-837 and an Epson-WP4540. Both Scan fine wtth older version of Acrobat. Installed Acrobat v11 on a new machine which recognizes printer/scanners fine. Ver 11 first says these printers can't be pre-configured (that they don't accept presets) If I then start a scan it asks if "IsCapAllowed" no way out except to say OK - Then get an immediate Run Time error and program closes. Any idea on ho to fix? Thanks. Gerry

Dr. Gerhard Raabe

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The "default" reply (which may/may not be helpful - sorry):
Ensure that the printer's software is fully up to date for the OS in use.
Try a "repair" of Acrobat.
Be well...

David Austin   

Don't know if this will help but I have Acrobat 9 on Windows 7 and a Epson SX235W and the same thing was happening.

I rarely use the Epson to scan and normally scan with a Canon 2580 so I uninstalled the Epson and re-installed the Canon driver and Acrobat went back to scanning normally with no "IsCapAllowed" messsages.

I know this doesn't solve your issue (sorry) - but it might help someone work out what exactly is wrong - I'm thinking it's more a Epson driver problem than an Acrobat problem as Acrobat worked find when the Epson drivers were removed & Canon ones installed.

Hope you get it fixed on yours


Stephen Hyde   

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