save Offfice 2007 files to Adobe reader X

We installed Adobe Reader X on our servers and now Microsoft Office 2007 prevents us from saving those files as a Adobe file. Are there compatibility issues with Microsoft Office 2007 and Adobe Acrobate Reader X?

Philip Heywood

3 Answers

Adobe Reader cannot create PDF.
Acrobat (Standard or Pro) is used to create PDF.
Not sure but is installation of Adobe Reader on a server allowed by the EULA?
Office 2007, SP2 permits us of Save As > PDF XPS by Office 2007 applications.
If that is not working you'll need to seek a solution from Microsoft.

Be well...

David Austin   

Thank you for your quick response. We have a question into Microsoft as well.

Philip Heywood   

Microsoft offers an add-on for save as PDF.

OpenOffice can edit MS Office doucments and save as a PDF.

George Kaiser   

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