reader does not install; error 1305 acroread.msi missing

I have tried every whichway to install Adobe acrobat reader to no avail. Every time it states "error 1305; file C:\...../Acroread.msi missing or not accessible. I delete it and re-downloaded it, disabled antivirus, downloaded again from direct website, still nothing. Took ownership of the files but still it refuses to insatll. Any help will be appreciated

Paul Rapto

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Yes, you'll need to uninstall the Adobe Download Manager.

Then, I would manually install Reader without using the Download Manager:

By Lori Kassuba   

Have you tried double-checking to make sure you don't have any previous versions installed in the control panel. If so, completley uninstall them first.

Lori Kassuba   

Yes. I have Adobe AIR, Flash Player 11 ActiveX, Flash Player 11 Plugin, and Shockwave Player 12.0 but no Reader. I also have Adobe Download Manager whch I tried to uninstall throght control panel but I get a note saying "There was a problem starting C:\ProgramFiles\NOS\bin\getPlus_Helper_3004.dll The soecific module could not be found." Is this significant?

Paul Rapto   

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