problems with shared review Acrobat 9

I started a shared review from my computer (Windows 7, Acrobat X, Office 2010). I was able to create a folder on my desktop, share it out. THen when prompted locate the network folder, it took my new folder without any problems.
So another department on campus wants to do the same process (to cut back on paper use). I told them the steps and they have had nothing but problems. The computers they are running have Windows XP, Acrobat 9, and Office 2007. They created a folder to their desktop but when navigating we keep getting the error "The location you selected is not a valid network folder".
Does anyone know how to fix this without updating their computers that just isn't an option right now. And using is not an option because we are dealing with FERPA information and our security agent won't allow that.


2 Answers

This sounds more like an issue with the difference in how you create a shared folder Windows XP and Windows 7. How are your creating and sharing the folder on Windows XP?

Lori Kassuba   

The desktop is not a shared network location as it is on each individuals computer. Everyone must have read/write access to the location on the network where the file is located.

Roger Andreassen   

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