problem with toc bookmarks from word 2007 after upgrade to 10.1.2

My system updated to 10.1.2 today, and now the bookmark list in my generated PDFs is different. I'm using Word 2007 and Acrobat X Standard. The new PDF is only showing bookmarks for the the regular head1 and head2 topics. I have it set in Preferences -> Bookmarks to also include AppendixHeading1. I've tried turning on other types for testing, and none of them work.

This worked for the past 2 years, and broke today after the upgrade.

Is there a workaround?


-- Jeff

jeff hebert

1 Answer

I got it working again - I had tried many things, including a repair of the installation, and nothing worked.

The last thing I changed was trying the "restore defaults" button, which turned on every element type. I then went through and removed the 99% that I didn't want, and when I rebuilt the PDF I had the bookmarks I wanted.

Hope this helps someone else.

jeff hebert   

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