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I have PDF docs that have been given to me by other parties (I don't have access to any documents prior to their conversion to PDF). I need to print out specific pages of these PDF documents and then go down to my department printer and pick them up. When I pull them out of the printer, I want to know what PDF file they came from and I don't want to have to write that on each page.

Is there a way I can access the PDF file property of the filename / path and insert that in a header or footer for the PDF prior to printing? Am I making this too hard? is there a check box to tell the printer to print the filename or filename&path when it prints? This seems like such a basic necessity- I can't imagine there isn't a way- yet I'm either using incorrect terminology or something, since all my HELP searches have not found a solution.

Holly Bailey

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Hi Holly,

Do you have Acrobat X Pro? If yes, then you can use this Action from the Exchange here-

You would need to install this Action then run it on all the PDFs before you print. Instruction on how to install and use it are in the PDF download. You can run this Action on a Folder full of PDFs in one go.

Here is a tutorial on using Actions-

You do need to have Acrobat X Pro to do this- it will not work in Standard or the free Adobe Reader.

Hope this helps,

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By Dimitri Munkirs   

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