permission denied

Hi. I am having trouble opening a network pdf file I just created on computer a and I get a error message of permission denied to open the file on computer b. Please help.

Chris Girouard

2 Answers

What method of file sharing are you using? What OS is being used on each OS? Most likely it is a permissions issue. Are you opening by using File open or are you trying to double-click on the file? What file systems are being used on each computer?

Michael Kazlow   

The thing is I can share other files. I copy and paste files between the two computers everyday. Computer A os is Windows 7 and computer B is Windows XP. It seems like this just started happening when I downloaded the new version of Adobe Reader. The problem is when the pdf file is created on Computer B.

I just tried a Word document created on Computer B and was able to open it on Computer A.

I have installed the new version of Adobe Reader X 10.1.2 on both computers. Computer B does not share Adobe files. How can I correct this?



Chris Girouard   

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