out of memory adobe x

out of memory error opening pdf file 675 kb with adobe x

Francis Chan

2 Answers

First of all:

Restart your computer
Restart you computer, then open the file again. It is surprising how often simply restarting your computer solves a problem. Restarting a computer clears its memory and memory cache.

Use the current version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat
It is important to update your version of Reader or Acrobat. Adobe releases free security updates quarterly. The updates often include improvements to common problems. Download the latest free update:

  1. Open Reader or Acrobat.
  2. Choose Help > Check For Updates. If a new update is available, it installs automatically.

Once installed, restart you computer.

Adobe Reader current version is XI, if your Operating System supports it try to install it.

If you use Windows, you can also try to repair Adobe Reader installation by going to menu Help > Repair Adobe Reader Installation.

Almir R V Santos   

It is possible that you are dealing with a corrupt PDF file. Have you been able to open this file before? The size of the file does not say much about how much memory Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader will require to display the file.

BTW: There is no application called "Adobe X", you are either using Adobe Acrobat X or the free Adobe Reader X, which one is it?

Does this happen with all PDF files, or is this the only file you are running into this out of memory error with?

Karl Heinz Kremer
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