no images show when i print from lightroom to adobe pdf printer

I recently had to go from Vista to Win7 Ultimate. When I try to print a single image or contact sheet in Lightroom 3.6 to the Adobe PDF printer, either none or some of the images show. Only the metadat on the bottom of the images show. If it's an 8x10 image, the pic doesn't show at all, just text. If it's a 15 image contact sheet, the first 3 pics don't show, just the text. I can't find anything to help me with this. I have been searching for days. Please help!

Cristene Tuttle

1 Answer

Hi Cristine,

It looks like this was logged as an official bug a few months ago- it may be that it is not fixed yet.

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

Dimitri Munkirs   

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