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I build rc planes. the plans are pdf and only have right side of wing. I need to make a mirror image of pdf file so I can have it printed on a large format printer


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afaik - Not with Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Maybe with imposition software. Best is to have it done back in the authoring file and then create a fresh PDF.

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By David Austin   

If you have Adobe Acrobat, it can actually be done - if you just have the free Reader, then you would have to rely on your printer driver having a "mirror" function. If you are using a PostScript printer, the same method as explained below will work:

Open your file in Acrobat and select to print. Now select the "Adobe PDF" printer (or your PostScript printer driver) and click on the "Properties" button. Now go to the "Layout" tab and click on the "Advanced" button. You will see something like this:

PostScript Options

This is where you would set your output page size, but more importantly this is also where you have access to the "Mirror" function: Expand the "PostScript Options" element:

Mirrored Output

You can now set "Mirrored Output" to "Yes". When you now print to the Adobe PDF printer, you will end up with a document that has mirrored pages. Or, if you are printing to a real PostScript printer, you will get the mirrored output on paper right away.

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