menu bar items missing in acrobat pro

Items suddenly missing from the menu bar. Documents, Comments, Forms, Tools and Advanced are missing from the menu bar.

Greg Porth

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Click 'F9' key, the menu bar reappears

By Shari Bynum   

Did you upgrade to a new version? if so, these menus were moved to the various panels on thr right side of the window.

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Gilad D (try67)   

Try (Command+Shift+M) on Mac or (Ctrl+Shift+M) on Windows.

Silvia Lifman   

Sounds like the Tool Bar has been hidden,

You can use the menu 'View => Tools => any tool category" or the "F8" key to restore the tool bars.

George Kaiser   

The answer by "Gilad D" is correct, however some clarification is in order:

There are four main areas in Acrobat that can be accessed. One way to access these areas is via the "view" menu by clicking "tools" or "show/hide".

1. Menu Bar — The old menu items "Documents, Comments, Forms, Tools and Advanced" are gone and all that now remains is "File, Edit, View, Window, Help".

2. The Tools Pane — The functions that were previously found under the menu bar items "Documents, Comments, Forms, Tools and Advanced" — these can now be found in the Tools Pane. The Tools Pane pops up on the right hand side of your window/screen.
The drop down groupings in this pane can be customised via View menu > "tools", or "tool sets".

3. Finally there is the "quick tools toolbar", which is made up of the little icons with no text captions, that typically sit at the top of the active window. Most functions can be accessed by these icons (customisation required).

4. For completeness, there is also the pane area in Acrobat called the "navigation panes" which sit on the left hand side, featuring "page thumbnails", "bookmarks", "attachments" etc.

Timothy Ware   

If you are missing your "Advanced" menu bar to utilize the Named Destinations function it can now (for Adobe Acrobat Pro XI) be found under the Tools menu on the right hand side. Expand the Action Wizard selection, choose Create New Action. This will give you a pop up window, select the Document Processing option and highlight "Create Bookmark from structure". Move this over to the right hand side of the screen and name your action. Click Save. Your newly named action will appear in the list in the Action Wizard section, Click it and click Start. The action will run and you can then select your structure. Next your named destination files will appear.

I hope this helps!

Beth Tracy

Beth Tracy   

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