make windows 7 compatible for acrobat 8.1

Nothing works.

So do we have to upgrade and spend another $200????????


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Thanks, that's exactly what I did.... Too much time wasted trying to find the cure for 8.1


Acrobat 8.x came out, lived its life, and past into "End of Support" as Windows 7 was released.
So, yes if you need to be in Windows 7 then you have to use a newer version of Acrobat.
While Acrobat 9.x (once updated to 9.2 and then updated sequencially through all Acrobat "9" updates to accomodate Windows 7 updates) "works" in Windows 7 it is not fully functional.
The specfic issue is that Acrobat 9.x PDFMaker does not work in Windows 7. Microsoft made some significant changes to Windows 7 "print substrate".
Note that Acrobat 9.x family reaches "End of Support" June 26, 2013.
Acrobat X (fully updated) is the first release of Acrobat to be compatible / fully functional in Windows 7.
With all that said the only Acrobat that is provided by Adobe is the current release (the Acrobat XI family).
If you desire / need Acrobat and you are in Windows 7 (or, for that matter Windows 8) you must be in Acrobat XI.
Yes, there's a cost --- the inevitable "overhead" of going to a new OS.
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David Austin   

Acrobat 8 is not supported on WIN 7
Refer system requirements

Also Adobe has stopped support for Acrobat 8 long back i.e. in NOV 2011.

Best way out IMO is to upgrade to Acrobat XI if you want to use WIN 7 or WIN 8
Or else use WIN Vista or XP to continue with Acrobat 8

Hope it helps


Pravin Mandlik   

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