is there a 64 bit version

I am a NEW user of Windows 8.1. I am taking a class at the Community College and one of the exercises I need to complete is "Application Research". The software app I choose is "Adobe Reader XI". I need the answers to three questions; Is there a 64 bit version? Does it run on Windows 8? and Does it claim to run in Metro or without the Desktop? Please respond if you can help me to [personal information removed-moderator] THANK YOU!!

Sandra Dawley

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You probably didn't want to post your email in a user forum like this one; I've notified the admins and hopefully they will remove it for your own protection.

Adobe Reader XI doesn't have a 64 bit version, but it runs in Windows 64 bit. It does run in Windows 8 as a desktop app. There is a separate Modern UI ("Metro") version of Reader, called Adobe Reader Touch, available through the MS App Store.


Michael Hoffman   

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