I have published a book without creating an index in Micro Word and PDF created an index in my book. Now I'm making another book. I have not made an index because my book is too large to combine into word. I have placed 2 parts together in Acrobat hoping then I could create an index with a smaller file. Do I have to make an index in Word first ?

Douglas Wall

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Yes, you have to create the index in Word before you convert the file to PDF.

What you can do is create the three files (book part 1, book part 2 and index) as PDF files from Word, and then use the File>Create>Combine Files into a single PDF optioin in Acrobat to combine the files into one PDF file.

You may be able to select your three Word document in this operation, and have Acrobat convert the files to PDF before combining them.

By Karl Heinz Kremer   

You might want to look at Debenu's PDF Aerialist plug-in that can manipulate and report on bookmarks and links along with a host of other tasks.

George Kaiser   

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