images in Acrobat XI are not clear and do no print clearly - very blurry

I created a document in publisher 2013, printed it as a pdf and the images are very blurry. even after changing the settings in the print-to-pdf options for high quality printing.
please advise.

Matthew Wyskiel

1 Answer

How you are you creating the PDF? File | Print or toolbar button?

Adobe has been doing quite a bit of work in getting direct (first-person) access to the XPS subsystem so that PDF creation can be faster and of higher quality than ramming the PostScript camel through the eye of a needle (File | Print).

I would also take a look under the 'advanced' button in File | Print. Make sure you are using the Adobe Default print settings - at least as a starting point. That such nefarious items as print as image, and image conversion settings are not enabled.

Hope this helps.


Douglas Hanna   

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