if i have acrobat pro do i need adobe reader

Why do I need to install Adobe Reader when I already have Acrobat 11 Pro installed and I use it to view and create PDF documents?

Robert Murray

3 Answers

You don't need Reader. Why do you think you would? What is giving you the impression that you need Reader?

Karl Heinz Kremer
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Karl Heinz Kremer   

As Karl Heinz said, you don't need Reader when you have Acrobat installed.

However, at least if you are on Mac, having Reader and Acrobat running concurrently offers the advantage to have the development environment (Acrobat) and a testing setup (Reader) active. Or, that's what I used to have until I put the development documentation on the iPad, having documentation open in Reader.

So, having both has advantages if you are a serious developer with Acrobat.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Max Wyss   

When you run the Adobe Updater and you have an older version of Acrobat, I find that it will "update" by installing the most current version of Reader.

Colleen Okada   

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