i want to delete a part of a pdf document, how do i go about that?

i want to delete a part of a pdf document. how do i go about that? it's no text i want to erase, it's a whole area i want to delete (not the whole page).

i use acrobat x pro. when i go to tools, pages, crop, then double click and then ok, it deletes everything but the area that i cropped. i want to do the opposite. i want to delete the area that i selected.

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3 Answers

Try using the redaction tool.

David Austin   

Tools panel > Protection pane > Mark for Redaction

It's best to do a good review of redaction (mark / apply).

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David Austin   

can i really delete a whole area with redaction? i want to remove a "box" in the document. with redaction it seems like i can only cover up the text?

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