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I'm an attorney and with electronic court filing requirements, I need to create hyperlinks on a PDF legal brief, which links to another PDF list of exhibits, which is a separate document(75 pages, 33 exhibits). The easiest option for the judge would likely be hyperlink, but an Adobe rep said the links would not transfer if I then emailed or uploaded the two documents. She then said I could do it by creating a portfolio.

With that answer and the glitches I experienced in just using the link and edit tool, it's clear I need a more hands on description and help. Actually the real reason I'm writing this to get advice on this issue, but more importantly to find someone I could hire for consulting when issues like these come up.

steve granberg

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I'm sorry, but what the Adobe rep told you is completely wrong. Links created in Acrobat are relative, and you can easily test it for yourself and see that it's true. Here's how you do it.
- Take two PDF files (let's call them 1.pdf and 2.pdf).
- Create a button in 1.pdf and add a "Go to a page view" command to it.
- When the floating window with the "Set Link" button appears open file #2, scroll down to some point and click the "Set Link" button in that window.
- Save file #1 and close both of them.
- Copy both files to a different folder on the computer.
- Open file #1 from the second location and click the button.
- File #2 from the second location will open. You can verify it by going to File - Properties and see that file's location. You can even delete or remove the original files and will still work.

It works the same with links, as long as the relative location of both files is maintained (in this case they're both in the same folder).

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By Gilad D (try67)   

From what I have been reading, Portfolios are the best tool to use for combining legal files. However, I do believe that hyperlinking the documents is still possible, you just have to make sure you keep the file structure intact in order to prevent errors from happening.

Another options would be to attach the files to the PDF as well, but if you want to get the most out of it then a Portfolio would be the best way to go.

I would check out this website http://blogs.adobe.com/acrolaw/ as it deals specifically with Lawyers, legal, and court usage you might be able to find great tips to use Acrobat to your Advantage.

Michael Anderson   

If you put the PDFs into a Portfolio, then you need to edit all the links in the PDFs within the Profolio as the directory or path between the PDFs is different than whn on your computer. Also once the links are created in the Portfolio, if PDFs are extacted the links will no longer work.

Will the court accept the Portfolio or does the PDF need to meet one of the PDF/A standards?

You could make one big PDF with all the PDFs as one big PDF and link between the pages within the PDF or using bookmarks for navigation to the various pages.

How to add links to an Acrobat X page Acrobat X is close enough to Acrobat XI so this should help.

Adding Links to an Acrobat Page

You need to be aware that a link can perform far more than going to a particular page or web site.

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George Kaiser   

Amplifing on Gilad's reply.
The key is maintaining the relative location between linked PDFs the same.
If "1.pdf" and "2.pdf" are in the same folder when the links are made then, for the links to function the two PDFs must be in the same folder (of whatever folder "name") when located elsewhere (another computer, a network share, or OSM).
If you link "1.pdf" (in <the folder>) to "2.pdf" which is in <a sub-folder to the folder> then the same topography must be maintained when these files are relocated.
So, if a created link traverses folders any relocation of files must also include the identical folder topography; else "broken link".
I suspect that this is what the Adobe rep was alluding to.
(BOD eh)
Be well...

David Austin   

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