how to view embeded document in a PDF/A file ?


When I convert .docx documents which have embedded documents into it in PDF/A, the whole document is converted into PDF/A included all icons.

That means that I can't open the embedded documents into the document which is now in PDF/A.

My need is to have these embedded documents also converted into PDF/A when the parent .docx document is converted in PDF/A.

By clicking on the icon of the documents included into the PDF/A parent document, these embedded documents should open into PDF/A.

Is it possible to achieve the functionnality that I mentionned above with Adobe Acrobat X pro ? If yes how can that be done ?

Thanks for Your help.

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Benjamin Palermiti


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the standard PDF/A-1a/b doesn't allow any embedded files, that's why they get removed.

Here's a statement from Adobe evengelist Leonard Rosenthol if found in the forums:

"PDF/A-1, the version of PDF/A that is currently supported in LiveCycle, does NOT support attachments of any type. that is why they are removed during the conversion.

PDF/A-2, the newest version of PDF/A and currently supported in Acrobat X, allows for attachments that themselves are also PDF/A (1 or 2) compliant.

The ISO committee for PDF/A is also hard at work on a PDF/A-3 that will allow ANY type of file to be attached. However, that certainly wouldn't be ready till 2012 or 2013."

By Marcus Radzuweit   

I often view pdf files by a pdf viewer. Although the pdf viewer is useful.but i am not sure whether it can veiw embeded document in a PDF/A file.But you can have a try.

Abigail Klinton   

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