how to reduce size of pdf document

I have pdf document. Its size is 1073kb but I require the document size to be 450kb. How to reduce the document in hand?

satya nagu

1 Answer

Hi Satya,
You need Adobe Acrobat for such operation...
If you have Acrobat X or higher, choose menu File > Save As > Reduced Size PDF...
(In Acrobat 9 it's in menu Document > Reduce File Size).
You also have the option to optimise your PDF with File > Save As > Optimized PDF...
Do check the online help on how to proceed with optimisation.
Bear in mind that reducing file size often means loss of quality in the resulting PDF.
That said, it also may be difficult to reduce a PDF size more than its original size...
Hope it helps.

Leonel Coelho   

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