how can i split a multipage pdf file

how can I split a multipage pdf file?

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Acrobat allows you to split documents in different ways. To get to the split functionality, go to the "Tools" pane on the right side. If the tools are not displayed, click on the Tools header until you see the different Tools panels. Then go to the "Pages" panel and expand it. Now you should see the "Split Document" functionality:

When you click on "Split Document", a new dialog will open, where you can select how you want to split the current document. There are three options:

- Number of pages: This allows you to e.g. split a large document into individual documents with no more than e.g. 20 pages each. All segements will then have 20 pages, with the exception of the last one, which will have the remaining pages (20 or less).

- File size: This allows you to split by a target file size. This is important if you want to e.g. attach the resulting files to an email, and your email application can only handle file attachments with a certain size (e.g. 8MB). To make sure that all attachments are smaller than 8MB, you could split the original file into 7MB chunks. Acrobat will determine how many pages can fit into each chunk.

- Top level bookmarks: If your file has a bookmark hierarchy, Acrobat can use the top level bookmarks to split your document. This makes sense if your document has e.g. chapters that are represented as top level bookmarks. This way, your individual documents will contain one chapter each. If your document does not have a bookmark hierarchy yet, but you need to split the documents into pieces that cannot be defined by the number of pages or the output file size, it is very simple to create a few bookmarks on each page that should be the first page of a new output file. This way, you have the most flexible solution to split your document.

When you click on the "Output Options" button on the "Split Document" dialog, you can specify among other things how the output files are named. One option is to e.g. use the bookmark name when you are splitting based on the top level bookmarks:

So, if you want to split into single pages, you would select to split after each page.

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