how to search specific text in pdf file and copy the same into excel sheet as under defined headings? please help

I was in need to search specific text in pdf file but failed all i can convert the pdf file in txt file then read lines with line input method now i can find and extract the text into excel sheet with "IF" conditions but some lines getting missed I think its need split function in the line input method.In every line input there are 2 or 3 text which i want to extract but my code extracts only 1 of it and left the rest lines.
Please help how to extract rest of the specific text from line input method.

Azharuddin Khan Khan

1 Answer

Acrobat JavaScript only has getPageNthWord so one can only retrieve one word at a time. To retrieve more than one word, one needs to add additional code to get the following words. If you want the word separators you need to include and additional parameter. You also should be aware that PDFs are page and not word or line orientated so the words are retrieved by order the words are placed on the page so it is possible that the words might not be retrieved in the reading order.

Without seeing your code it is hard to determine what the problem is.

George Kaiser   

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