how do i save a pdf file when it says bad parameter?

Hi, I have recently installed all updates for abode reader and also in firefox and now whenever I have opened a pdf off the internet and I try to save a copy, it doesn't do anything and just says 'bad parameter'. What does this mean and how can i solve it as am trying to write a dissertation! Thanks

Vicky Chellew

1 Answer

On one hand, you may recheck your Acrobat installation (including browser integration).

On the other hand, you can either completely deactivate opening PDFs in the browser, or using the context menu of the browser applied to the link to the PDF and select the "download to disk" option. This would then cause a simple file download, as if the PDF were any other kind of file. Then open it in Acrobat/Reader from your local disk.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss   

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