how do i print same image multiple times on same sheet of paper?

I am trying to print several copies of the same voucher, i have followed the instructions given but its still only printing 1 image per sheet - help before i have no hair left, please

lisa jackson

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What instructions?

Printing multiple pages on one page means multiple pages of the PDF will be printed on one sheet of paper. If the PDF consists of a single PDF then a small image of that page will be printed.

If you want multiple image of the same page to print, then you need to create a PDF with multiple pages of that PDF.

You cannot do this with PDF forms because form fields with the same name will be come corrupt upon merging.

By George Kaiser   

Do you have Acrobat or Reader? In Acrobat you can create e.g. 8 copies of your voucher that you want to print and then select to print 8 PDF pages on one paper sheet. Acrobat (or Reader) are not doing this automatically, all you can select on the print dialog is to have n pages from your PDF file on one sheet.

To copy a page, open up the Page Thumbnals pane on the left side. Hold down the Ctrl key and select a page, and while clicking on the page, drag it to the location where you want to have the copy of the page. You can select multiple pages and copy all of them (e,g, if you need 16 vouchers, start out with one, select one and copy, then select the two vouchers and copy, then select the now four... - makes 16 in no time). Here is a link to the instructiosn that describe how to copy pages:

Then, once you are done and have the correct number of pages, select to print and select to print "Multple" pages, select how many in how many rows/coluns, and you should be done.

Karl Heinz Kremer

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