how can i get the print to darken when printing pdf files from acrobat?

My documents are coming out way too light when trying to print a pdf from acrobat files. Everything else will print fine. Ink is not low. Why are these docs suddently coming out too light to read?? help...

lisa b

2 Answers

Hi Lisa,

Couple things to try-

Go to Edit-> Preferences-> General and under Accessibility check to see that the Document Color Options have text set to Black.

Under File->Print click on the Advanced button and select the Print As Image checkbox- try printing with that set and see if it prints out darker.

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

Dimitri Munkirs   

Hello Dimitri

Thank you for your suggestions. I tried both but still getting unreadable documents :(
Any other suggestions? This is suddenly a problem when yesterday it was not.....very curious.


lisa b   

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