how to open/read an adobe acrobat document embed into microsoft word document using android


I'm using a tablet with android 4, I can't open an adobe acrobat document embed into a word document.
I tried using KingSoft office and other program and both fails.
Does anyone know how to solve it?

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Miguel Fraga

2 Answers

Being as this is the Adobe hosted "Acrobat Answers" discussions about non-Adobe PDF processing applications would be inappropriate.
With that said, you might want to install Adobe Reader mobile and try it.
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David Austin   

It might be that the app on your mobile device cannot deal with an embedded file within another file.

Unlike your computer applications which can be set to associate different file type with their associated reading application, there are very few options for configuring apps on mobile devices and many apps lack many features that are available on your computer. A common example is the use of JavaScript in any app since mobile device vendors do not include JavaScript for their devices.

George Kaiser   

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