how to highlight text in acrobat pro dc

I have tried the suggestions already submitted with no luck.
I am on a windows 7 machine using adobe acrobat pro dc

Julie Whitehead

1 Answer

What did you already try?

When you have a document that does not contain "real" text, but e.g. a scanned image, you will not be able to highlight text - because there is no text to highlight, just a picture of text.

The same applies if the text is not in an image, but was converted to "outlines" - which creates vector drawings of text, and not real text.

To highlight text on a scanned page, you would need to OCR the document. For outlined text, you would need to save the document content as e.g. high resolution TIFF images and then import these images again to convert a PDF document again, and then OCR the document.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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