how do I change the default font size for text box comments - the font size is too big!

I'm using a text box to comment on a document and the fornt size of the text is far too big. Is there any way I can do a global change to the font size so that I can reduce it for all new text box comments?

Kelvin Fiedler

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- Hit Ctrl + E to bring up the Properties diaglogue box
- Draw your Text Box
- Enter your text
- Highlight the text
- Change your font size, type, colour, alignment and style etc (you could have done this first but this way you can see and control your results better)
- Once completed click outside the text box once
- Now hover your pointer back over the edge of the text box uutil you see a black arrowhead appear and then left click. Your cursor will look like a white cross with arrowheads (i.e. the move symbol - which also means you can move the text box when this appears by dragging it)
- Choose your text box formating such as fill colour, line colour, border style or turn it off altogether etc
- With your cursor still over the text box and still appearing like a cross with arrowheads just right-click and choose Make Current Properties Default
- All subsequent text boxes drawn in your current PDF will remain the same.

NOTE: You can also Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) the text boxes to retain the same size box - you only have to overwrite the text content then.

The bad news is that you cannot select all the text boxes text content in one go to make global changes; although if you hold down the Ctrl key whilst clicking individually on the text box borders will allow you to select multiples - this will allow you to format all the text box properties such fill colour, line colour, border style etc in one go.

By Stephen Phillips   

Thanks Stephen for taking the time and going into so much detail - all fixed. Many thanks Kelvin

Kelvin Fiedler   

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